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Community Promise 

The MMC Development Fund was formed to help in the development of various projects and/or events surrounding the MMC Community. These projects or events include the Chancellor Day Reunion cookout which unites all current and former community patrons in a celebration of life and remembrance of those we have lost. This fund is also committed to helping people of the community in various ways to help uplift, rebuild, restore, renew, and retool our great community.


Donating to your community can have several positive impacts, both on a personal level and for the community as a whole. Here are some reasons why donating to your community is important >>

Donations can contribute to local projects, charities, and initiatives that address specific needs within your community. This support helps build a stronger, more vibrant local environment.

Our commitment is to empower individuals and organizations to contribute towards building a stronger, more resilient community where every act of kindness ripples through the fabric of society, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

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